Nurse Attorneys

A Nurse Attorney combines the skills of both health and law to assist medical professionals in legal matters. They may represent medical practitioners in court, analyze medical records and insurance claims, or help healthcare workers understand their rights and navigate the legal system.

What Is a Nurse Lawyer?

Nursing lawyer often works in hospitals and government organizations, or in private practice. They usually need a Juris Doctor (JD) degree and a license to practice law in their state.

The best nurse attorneys are able to analyze complex issues and make informed decisions quickly in demanding situations. They also have excellent communication and negotiation skills.

Working as a nurse lawyer involves high stress, long hours and demanding clients. It can take a toll on relationships with family and friends.

Many of our clients are licensed nurses who have been contacted by a nursing board investigator, or compliance officer, about a complaint against them or their program. They are then told to cooperate with the investigation or face possible disciplinary action.

A skilled nursing license lawyer can ensure your due process rights are protected, that you get the hearing you deserve and that you are able to present your case in the most effective way possible to protect your career and your livelihood.

Whether you are facing a nursing disciplinary proceeding with the New York State Education Department, Office of the Professions or New Jersey Board of Nursing or any other professional licensing agency in the state, you need to retain an experienced nursing license defense attorney as soon as possible. Failure to act quickly in such a situation can lead to the loss of your nursing license and your livelihood.

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