How to Bust Down a Rolex Datejust

Rolex is one of the most popular brands to bust down. This is because it is a very popular luxury watch that is known for its quality, durability and design.

Do iced out Rolex hold value?

In order to bust down rolex datejust , the first step is to find an existing watch on the secondary market. This will save you a lot of money, and will still provide you with a fully iced out diamond Datejust at a fraction of the cost of buying a factory-set diamond Datejust.

Once you’ve found an existing Rolex that has diamonds, you’ll have to find a gem-setter who can get the job done. This is a difficult process and requires scrupulous skill and incredible workmanship.

A good gem-setter will use high-tech machinery to drill tiny holes in the metal with absolute accuracy. From there, they will set the diamonds onto each part of the Rolex.

Often times, they will cover the entire case, bracelet, bezel and dial in diamonds. However, they can also add diamonds to other parts of the watch as well.

The most common diamond-encrusted Rolex that is bustdown is the Datejust. It has always been a popular choice for a diamond-customized watch, and it’s a great option because of its size, which is what most modern watch connoisseurs are looking for.

A good diamond-setter will be able to make the original non-diamond Datejust look like it has been completely flooded with diamonds, with a dazzling diamond dial that pops. This is why you’ll see many rappers wearing custom diamond Rolex Datejust 41s on their Instagram accounts.

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