Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

Lighting Tower Hire Specialists

The right Lighting Tower Hire Specialists hire product is essential for keeping crews on site after the sun goes down. Contractors often use light towers to illuminate construction sites, event venues, film and TV production areas, and other work spaces. Helping them find the right tower lighting products and providing instructions for proper operation will turn one-off rentals into repeat customers for your rental business.

Whether you offer electric tower lights, diesel lighting towers, or solar-powered LED tower lights for rent, the power source of each type impacts how long the unit can be used before needing to be recharged or refueled. For example, metal halide tower lights typically take more power to light up large spaces than LED lamps. The number of lamp heads also matters ā€“ more lights mean more illumination.

Why Choose Lighting Tower Hire Specialists for Your Outdoor Events

In addition to power, consider how big a space needs to be lit and what kind of working conditions will be present on the jobsite. For example, if contractors will be operating the light tower in a windy environment, opt for a wind-resistant model to avoid damage or injuries. If your contractor has a large area to light up, consider choosing a model with more lamp heads for increased coverage. The amount of directional lighting is important too ā€“ LEDs tend to be more directional than metal halide models. The specifications of each light tower will also mention lumens, which is a measure of the total amount of lighting being emitted ā€“ not just in one direction, but across a larger surface area.

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