3M Film Calgary

3m film calgary is a clear protective wrap that protects your vehicle from scratches, chips, dirt and other road debris. It can significantly boost the resale value of your car and is very easy to install. It also comes with a ten-year warranty. It is virtually invisible and self-healing to prevent swirl marks. In addition, it is scratch resistant and has a glossy coating for optimal clarity.

Is 3M film on car worth it?

The scuffs, dents and scratches that form the mosaic of your hood and bumper can be a frustrating part of owning a car in Calgary. Fortunately, you can save your paint from the damage that comes with bumpy roads and confrontational drivers by getting a full 3M paint protection film or Xpel vehicle wrap in Calgary. This will make your ride more enjoyable and help you keep your car looking new.

The experts at Drip Detailing can help you select the right solution for your vehicle. They are certified 3M installers and also offer Xpel paint protection film as well as window tinting. Their 3M paint protection film is made from the highest quality material and includes a lifetime warranty. It is one of the most transparent films on the market and offers a high-resolution surface that will not yellow over time. It is also stain-resistant and can be easily cleaned and polished for a long life. The self-healing feature of the Pro Series PPF allows minor scratches to disappear with hot water or sun heat. It can be applied to hoods, rear fenders and front bumpers as well as door handle cavities and mirrors.


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