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FoggyForest Microdose Mushrooms

From Silicon Valley techies to suburban parents, people from all walks of life are turning to shrooms for a daily shot of euphoria. The mushroom renaissance speaks to a spiritually malnourished generation that craves a bump of psilocybin without the dangers of nightmarish trip flashbacks and long-term drug addiction. It also reflects the new-age desire to reconnect with nature and with spirituality in general.Read more:thefoggyforest.net

But as with any new trend, microdosing can be a dangerous road. Illegal and often difficult to quantify, microdosing involves taking a fraction of a full dose of psychedelic drugs like LSD or psilocybin. This is called a “sub-perceptual dose,” and it’s far lower than the amount of the drug needed to cause hallucinations.

FoggyForest Fables: Tales of Transformation through Microdose Mushroom Journeys

Those who choose to microdose with mushrooms will likely consume them in premeasured capsules, chocolates, candy, or as part of a drink mix. They may even use home testing kits that can tell them whether a substance has a small amount of psilocybin in it. But, Dr Lea warns, this is an unregulated area, and people could be accidentally taking a much larger dosage than they’re intended to.

As a result, many people who microdose with psilocybin report experiencing symptoms of high-dose effects. These include visual disturbances, irritability, numbness or tingling, drowsiness, and a feeling that their senses are not properly functioning. They may also experience a negative effect on their mental health if they take too much. This is a reason why it’s important to discuss the risks with a healthcare professional before trying this drug.

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