How Does CBD Oil Affect Memory?

The does cbd oil affect memory system (ECS) in the brain works to move info across synapses, facilitating memory storage and cognitive capability. CBD interacts with these receptors, reducing inflammation and encouraging neuron growth. It also helps with mood balance and reduces oxidative stress that can contribute to memory handling problems.

Multiple studies have shown that CBD improves cognitive impairments caused by THC intoxication, schizophrenia, ischemic conditions, hepatic encephalopathy, and other pathological states. It has been found that CBD mitigates THC-induced memory impairment and enhances object recognition memory, spatial learning, and episodic memory in a variety of conditions.

Brain Boost or Bane? Examining the Science Behind CBD and Cognitive Performance

Research on animal models have shown that CBD protects against aversive memory consolidation, including contextual fear memory, suggesting that it can be used to alleviate anxiety disorders. Furthermore, CBD increases the extinction of aversive memories and supports a memory-reversal process in humans.

Moreover, studies on human participants showed that CBD enhances memory retrieval by increasing dendritic spine density involved in synaptic plasticity, and it significantly improved memory for both verbal and spatial tasks after administration of CBD [180].

In one study, researchers administered an aversive learning test to mice. They observed that the mice exposed to CBD-infused food had a threshold avoidance time of 112.9 s, which is a measure of how well they learned. In comparison, the mice that received control food had a threshold avoidance time of 115.9 s, meaning that they did not learn anything. The researchers attributed the better memory recall in the CBD group to the anti-anxiety effects of CBD.

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