Tips For Buying Dehydrators

A dehydrators is a great way to make use of the harvest from your garden or to reduce food waste. It can also help you save money on groceries by extending the life of produce and creating your own snacks like jerky and fruit leathers.

Dehydration is a process of removing 70-90% of the moisture from foods with warm circulating air. The result is foods that are lighter and more nutritionally dense than their fresh counterparts. Dehydration also allows you to enjoy the flavors of your fruits and vegetables without zapping the nutrients with high heat, which can rob foods of their flavor and add unwanted chemicals.

The Ultimate Guide to Food Dehydrators

Most dehydrators come with a set number of trays to start, but most are expandable. If you want to create foods such as fruit leathers that require multiple trays, you should choose a solid box style dehydrator with the elements located in the back of the unit so that fresh, heated air blows horizontally across all trays and does not get trapped between stacked trays.

For the best results, you should also be sure to monitor the temperature of your dehydrator and trays during the drying process. It’s important to do so because temperatures can vary from one tray to the next (since some trays are closer to the heating elements than others). The best way to do this is to insert the stem of your quick-read thermometer into an opening or slip it between the trays.

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