Safety Signage in Schools Templetes

Safety Signage in Schools Templetes

Safety Signage in Schools Templetes

School Signage Design  communicate emergency procedures and hazard warnings, empowering students, faculty, and visitors to respond quickly and effectively. Often made with photoluminescent materials, they are readily visible in the dark and guide occupants to safety during drills and real emergencies. AIScreen’s technology transforms educational environments with visual communication tools that comply with OSHA and ADA guidelines for visibility, readability, and accessibility for all members of the school community.

Designing Impactful School Signage: Tips and Tricks

Ensure your students, faculty, and visitors stay safe wherever they are on your campus with our wide range of safety signage solutions for schools and universities. From the parking lot to classrooms, school safety signs keep people aware of rules and help them navigate your facility without any confusion.

Small Pre-K & Kindergarten Students

The most important safety signage for your preschool and elementary school students is the COVID-19 infection prevention and control signage that communicates social distancing and mask wearing policies your school has adopted. These print and banner signs use simple graphics, emojis, and words to communicate these preventative & social distance measures in ways that are developmentally appropriate for younger kids.

For your middle and high school students, there are a variety of COVID-19 signage and banners that communicate seating restrictions, directional traffic flow, and remind your students about your mask wearing policy. For college students on your campus, there are a number of printed and banner signs that communicate the social distancing and infection spreading prevention policies you have in place for them as well. These are all designed to be compliant with CDC recommendations and help your students and their parents avoid unintentionally spreading the Coronavirus.

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