Lit Extracts Canada Master Kush Disposable Vape Pen

The litextracts canada is a high quality, potent and affordable cannabis concentrate that is manufactured in Beautiful British Columbia. These premium concentrates are sourced from some of the finest flower available in BC. The Lit extracts master kush disposable vape pen generates powerful euphoria and can lead to a blissful haze that is sure to elevate your experience. This Master Kush Vape Cartridge contains 1g of Live Resin, Distillate Delta-9 and organic terpenes.

Best Online Dispensaries for Lit Extracts in Canada

To use this device remove the mouthpiece and place your chosen extract into the chamber. Press the power button to turn on and once it has reached temperature it will vibrate and the light on the LITL 1 will turn solid to let you know that its ready for use.

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